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Saviano Photos

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[Yearbook] Thomas Saviano


Among all his other duties, including setting up a microphone for the after-dinner speakathon at the Red Barn, Tom took some great photos both Saturday night and the next day at Compo.

[Saviano] Bill Wardell, Pam (Gill) Lincoln-Yergin and Bruce Wilson. [Saviano] Pam: Bruce! You old fox, you![Saviano] In foreground: Emma Keene and Bob Walton. Bob trying to get some air...[Saviano] Foreground (sort of): Geoff Bullard, Deanna, Noel, Ty, Bruce W., Heather, Mary Jane.[Saviano] Marianna (McAlarney) Renzulli and hubby, Joe.[Saviano] Noel and Joel (hey! it rhymes!) talking with mystery woman.[Saviano] John and Larry explaining to Rick how they can still arrest any troublemakers here.[Saviano] Anthony, Mary Jane and unknown reliving the thrill of his 1953 Senate VP victory.[Saviano] Sue: You have to get up and mingle, Tony![Saviano] Tony Fiore: Wait til' I drag her (Sue) to OUR reunion...![Saviano] Sue: OK, if you just want to sit here, I still love you...[Saviano] Sitting down to dinner: Unidentified, Tom Hanley and wife, Linda Speidel Hanley.[Saviano] Vince, Bette Clark Sedgwick (back to camera) and Emma.[Saviano] Back to camera (unidentified), Bette, Ted Giannitti.[Saviano] Bill Wardell, Ted, Vince, Rick (?), Anthony.[Saviano] Geoff Bullard with Mystery Woman.[Saviano] Ron Malone and wife (?).[Saviano] Foreground: Linda, Rick, George Sterling. Vince and Noel can be seen in background.[Saviano] Same shot with unidentified classmate at left holding baby who appears not to have aged...[Saviano] Seated: Pete Mullen, Bette Clark Sedgwick.[Saviano] Facing: Judy, Leann and husband, Randy, Bruce. Back to camera: Heather.[Saviano] Same shot. Others unidentified.[Saviano] Same shot, Linda taking picture. Pete, Bette seated.[Saviano] Vince and Noel enjoy a laugh. Unidentified: guy in latest desert fashion.[Saviano] Same shot, more or less. Other folks unidentified.[Saviano] Linda, Rick (standing), Bette. Others unidentified.[Saviano] Identified: Deanna (back), Judy, Ken Bugan, Linda, Rick, Leann, Randy Enos (back).[Saviano] Identified: George Sterling, Heather, Judy, Deanna, Linda, Rick.[Saviano] Bruce: My youthful, virile appearance, Vince? I'll tell ya', there's nothing like good clean living. [Saviano] Almost everybody.[Saviano] Almost everybody, including Fred Kellogg (class of '54?).[Saviano] Pete, Rick rehearsing for a police lineup.[Saviano] That's better![Saviano] Pete and wife (I'm assuming).