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Basta Photos

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[Yearbook] Deanna Basta


As cheerful, obliging and unobtrusive as you would want a Staples graduate-by-marriage to be, Ken Bugan (Deanna’s husband) took the following photos over the weekend.

[Bugan] Saturday afternoon at the Sheraton stuffing Reunion Rags into hand-addressed envelopes.[Bugan] Ronnie Clifford, Shirley Dexter Barnett, Deanna Basta Bugan.[Bugan] Deanna, Bruce Wilson, Shirley.[Bugan] Deanna and Gloria DeMattia (?) remembering childhood days in Greens Farms.[Bugan] Shirley Dexter Barnett and Noel Castiglia reminisce.[Bugan] Randy to Leann Enos: you owe me soooo big time, babe![Bugan] Subject of interest: elementary and junior high group photos. [Bugan] With a last, heroic effort, the piece of canvas is hoisted overhead.[Bugan] Satisfied smiles all around for a job well done![Bugan] Heather and Deanna share a high school memory.[Bugan] Nearly everyone present.[Bugan] Noel entertaining John and Ruth (?) Leopold and Ronnie Clifford (back turned). [Bugan] More interest in childhood photos.[Bugan] Guy talk. It could have been 50 years ago. Except less hair...