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[Yearbook] Bruce Kent


In the first set of photos taken at the old Staples High on Saturday, August 13, Bruce—in his best Malibu attire—made an unannouced visit to our old alma mater, determined to give old Stanley Lorensen the benefit of 50 years’ hindsight on his most keenly felt high school disappointment: having to travel all the way to Norwalk to find a decent supply of drugs and their absolute refusal to deliver to Westport…! Finding the doors locked, and feeling dejected, he wanders away wondering what happened to Katie…

Nevertheless, after a well-deserved afternoon nap back at the motel, our intrepid Bruce makes a full recovery and moves on to take some memorable photos at the Red Barn and, the following day, at Compo Beach…

[Kent] Rear of old Staples, looking toward old BJHS[Kent] Rear of old Staples? New fence?[Kent] Hopscotch? Crop circles?[Kent] Hoping to have a peek inside, Bruce approaches building.[Kent] Sadly Bruce discovers doors are locked. Hey Einstein, it's summertime! [Kent] Resigned, Bruce trudges away to look for Katie.[Kent] Meanwhile, Katie ponders a quick Dutch act into the Saugatuck...[Kent] Judy: I wonder if anyone will notice if I spit this gumball out in my drink...?[Kent] Sue: Not me! I didn't spill it. She spilled the drink![Kent] Registrars extraordinaire: Gail and Pat.[Kent] Katie: Dear God, this is only Saturday night...![Kent] Cliff: Maybe I'll be ignored if I turn my nametag over...[Kent] Pete: Enough with the happy hour! When are we gonna get some food out here...?[Kent] Having a jolly good time: Ron and Carol Malone.[Kent] Pat, Peter, Mary Jane and Anthony?[Kent] Judy, George and...?[Kent] Vince: Is that a straw sticking out of her purse...?[Kent] Stan: Now let's see who else I don't recognize...[Kent] Judy: What in the hell is he eating...?![Kent] Chuck to Stan: She can't be more than 18 years old. Whaddya think?[Kent] Larry: I missed the Simpsons for this...?[Kent] Leann: Jeez, Randy. Do you have to tell that snake story now? I'm trying to eat here![Kent] Ronnie Clifford: Yes, and the same to you, Bruce...![Kent] Shirley Dexter standing. Deanna and husband, Ken. [Kent] Katie: Good God, what in the hell is that guy wearing...?![Kent] Katie: This guy's got more stories than a Hong Kong skyscraper![Kent] Bruce Wilson explaining to Fred Kellog how he fared in his audition for the New Orleans Ballet Troupe.[Kent] Judy: Gee, Freddy, I've haven't seen them. Wouldn't they have gone home last summer?[Kent] Vinny: If it gets any hotter at the next reunion I'll be on a cot out here...[Kent] Katie: If I hear any more of these stories I'm gonna pull my hair out...! Maybe I'll start now.[Kent] Noel: One of these days I'm gonna out how to use this thing...![Kent] Ron: Hmmm... Now for one with the lens cap off![Kent] Pete Mullen, Tom Saviano.[Kent] Struggling with cranial stenosis, Cliff looks on while Ronnie and Vince enjoy a fifteen-year update.[Kent] Noel entertaining John and Ruth Leopold.