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[Yearbook] Shirley Rice


Thanks, Mike!

Mike passed them along to me for posting after Shirley had passed. I am certain she is pleased.


[Rice: Barb, Gloria, Poodle?] [Rice: Bedford Elementary, 1948][Rice: Bedford Elementary class of 1949][Rice: Bedford Junior Varsity] [Rice: Bruce, baby][Rice: Eli Berton][Rice: Eli Berton][Rice: Gary Malkin][Rice: George Kunin][Rice: Mike Who...?][Rice: Jim Barnett][Rice: Marie Ferrone][Rice: Again with the Westnor...][Rice: Noel, baby...][Rice: Cheerleader pose][Rice: Shirl and Gloria][Rice][Rice: School's out]
[Rice: Moving church]
[Rice: Mike and Shirley]