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[Yearbook] Deanna Basta


Thanks, Dee!

Deanna had quite a collection of photos from school daze, many of which appeared in the Reunion Rag (50th). (By the way several of these were taken by Norm White. I’m sure Norm would be pleased to see how they’ve long outlived the modest “20 Year Guarantee” printed on the back! Thanks, Norm and Deanna! Photos are great! Hope this will inspire fellow classmates to share their’s.

[Basta] Mary Field Sadtler, Deanna.[Basta] Mary Field and Deanna again.[Basta] Deanna, possibly junior high.[Basta] Deanna, Mary Jane, Lynn Harding at Tally Ho dinner (Comer dance class).[Basta] Wreckers' Victory Bonfire[Basta] Mary Ann Butner, Lyn Hackley (?), and...?[Basta] Cliff (George) Clifford, possibly junior high.[Basta] Comer dance class dinner party held at Tally Ho Restaurant in Fairfield.[Basta] Connie? Deanna Happy Cheer[Basta] Connie Weber, high school.[Basta] Deanna with Dave Eckholm (?).[Basta] Deanna in costume.[Basta] Deanna and Heather.[Basta] Deanna with Bruce Wilson (?).[Basta] Deanna and Connie in band uniform.[Basta] Deanna, Connie, Happy[Basta] Deanna's 2nd grade b'day party: Gail A., Lynn H., Audrey Duffy, Pat Willette, Deanna, ?, Doreen.[Basta] Joan Weiss, flapper. Event?[Basta] Deanna and Heather with Mr. and Mrs. Basta.[Basta] Deanna portrait, high school.[Basta] Cliff (George) Deanna and Bob Reynolds.[Basta] Don von Liebermann, high school.[Basta] Exciting times at the Westnor.[Basta] Norm Williams (?) getting taped up.[Basta] Gail Armitage, high school portrait.[Basta] Geoff Bullard, Caddy Swanson.[Basta] Geoff and Deanna, junior prom night.[Basta] Standing: Pat Willette, Janet McKenna, Audrey Duffy. Sitting: Shirley Dexter, Deanna, Gloria DeMattia. [Basta] 9th grade back: Mary Jane, Connie. Front: Pat Ellis, teacher (?), Deanna.[Basta] Heather Merryman, surprised![Basta] Heather at home.[Basta] Heather tickled by something.[Basta] Joan Weiss, flapper. Event?[Basta] Joan, Stan Zweckbronner and Martha Ruggles.[Basta] Judy Gault, Connie Weber. Compo?[Basta] John Leopold, Palma Oreste, ?, Marianna McAlarney, James (Hilary) Carpenter.[Basta] Mike Sutton, Deanna, Bruce Wilson. Senior prom?[Basta] Mike Sutton, high school portrait.[Basta] Mike Sutton and Deanna. Old building?[Basta] Carol (Nonee) Theleen, junior high portrait.[Basta] Deanna pajama party?[Basta] Mary Field Sadtler, junior high portrait.[Basta] Pat Ellis, junior high portrait.[Basta] Sandy Frey, Deanna. More exciting times at the Westnor.[Basta] Overnighter at Compo Beach: Happy Campbell, Mary Ann Butner., Emma Keene, and ?[Basta] Well-attended basketball game.[Basta] Can't tell who this is. Injured? Resting? Vomiting?[Basta] Hard to tell: Jack Ball (75)? Beans Dooling (middle)? Vinny DePierro (24)?