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[Yearbook] Geoff Bullard, Caddy Swanson

Caddy Swanson

“Caddy” … Left Staples after junior year.

[Note: In case you missed it, Caddy (photo right) reached out to this blog some time ago in a comment. Here it is again, summarizing his highly successful career in TV broadcasting: ]

Blog comment

After my Junior year at Staples, I went to Berkshire School ‘56 and Trinity College ‘60. After Army Reserve I married Susan Cochran, Mt Holyoke ‘60. We lived in Pelham, NY from 1964 through 1995, with two years out on Long Island. Had Jets season tickets for ten years including 1969. I was in the Television Facilities business in New York City, becoming President of Reeves Teletape in 1978- 1985, MTI Television City from “85-86 and Washington DC’s Capital Video from ‘86–87. Last job in New York was Director of Post Production for USA Networks from ‘93-’95. Moved to the Seattle area after visiting our second daughter. Retired in ‘01 and now live in Snoqualmie, Wa. Give a call if in the area. I very much appreciated the friendly class of “55 when they graduated from Bedford and were nice to a kid from Weston who didn’t know anybody that summer.

Snoqualmie, WA