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[Yearbook] Gary Malkin

Gary Malkin

“Malk” … Double trouble … big man with red thatch … intrigued by cars … enjoys music in all forms … Air Force after diploma.

[Note: Gary was not on list of graduates at graduation ceremony.]

From Gary’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

After Judy and I separated I bummed around for a couple of years. Then I met a girl from Stamford, fell in love and married her.

In 1970 we moved to Vermont. We bought an old farm house and spent the next 13 years rebuilding it. We had three chidlren: two girls and a boy—Gary, Kate and Sarah.

[My wife] died of cancer in 1991 and I have been alone since then. I’ve been a truck driver since 1962 and am retired now but still do part-time work.

That’s about all for now. See you in August.

Fair Haven, VT