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Greens Farms Elementary

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The following excerpt on Greens Farms Elementary may be found at wikipedia.org:

The Greens Farms School is a historic school building at Morningside Drive South and Boston Post Road in Westport, Connecticut. It was built in 1925 and received an addition in 1950. It was designed by architect Charles Cutler in a Tudor Revival style, and is a fine example of such style. It is the only Tudor Revival school building in Westport. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.

Its interior includes a Works Project Administration art project from c. 1935.

It is located on the Boston Post Road. Due to declining enrollment the school closed in June 1983, after which it was leased by the Westport Arts Center.

In 1996 with increasing enrollment school officials in Westport began looking at options including reopening the Greens Farms School and brought in a consultant in the process. The Westport Arts Center representatives recommended that they stay in the building as the educational needs of Westport’s student could be better realized in a new building. Westport school officials responded that a new building would cost the town $4.5 million more than using the building. In the end the decision was made that reclaiming the building was the “cheaper” course of action. The Westport Arts Center left the building and moved to a location next to the Saugatuck River.

In 1997, faced with rising pupil enrollments, the town reclaimed the school for use as an elementary school again. The school had to be renovated and expanded, which cost the town $16 million.

The school is now known as Greens Farm Elementary School.

Class of ’49

[Clifford] Greens Farms Elementary, Class of 1949Greens Farms Elementary graduates will remember the weeping willow near the Post Road.


Greens Farms Elementary—Class of 1949
Row Graduate Promoted to…
1st Row Green, Christopher Bedford Junior High
Mann, Roy Bedford Junior High
Spooner, Samuel Bedford Junior High
DeMattia, Gloria Bedford Junior High
Rainey, Carol Bedford Junior High
Harding, Lynn Bedford Junior High
Dexter, Shirley Bedford Junior High
Clifford, George Bedford Junior High
Chisholm, Ronald Bedford Junior High
Scott, Charles Not known
2nd Row Hartley, Barbara Bedford Junior High
Jennings, Robert Bedford Junior High
DeAngelis, Howard Bedford Junior High
Rice, Shirley Bedford Junior High
Duffy, Audrey Bedford Junior High
Smith, Herman Bedford Junior High
Hinkelbein, Charles Bedford Junior High
Sepper, Duaine Bedford Junior High
Smith, Frasier Bedford Junior High
Hackley, Lyn Bedford Junior High
Basta, Deanna Bedford Junior High
Mills, Homer Bedford Junior High
3rd Row Taylor, Phyllis Not known
Bartek, Dorothy Bedford Junior High
Hayes, Melvin Bedford Junior High
McKeon, John Bedford Junior High
Whaley, Ms. (Teacher)
Massiello, Richard Bedford Junior High
Hotchkiss, Alan Not known
McKenna, Janet Not known
Rippe, Mary Jane Bedford Junior High

The following graduates were not in the photo:

  • Diane Bertasi
  • Ronald Grecula
  • Carol Theleen (better remembered as “Nonee”)

Commencement in 1949…

For preserving this little gem of a commencement program (four pages, below), we are forever indebted to Shirley Rice:


[Rice] GF Elementary commencement program, 1949, p. 1[Rice] GF Elementary commencement program, 1949, p. 2[Rice] GF Elementary commencement program, 1949, p. 3[Rice] GF Elementary commencement program, 1949, p. 4

[gfs.westport.k12.ct.us] Greens Farms Elementary TodayThe school yours truly attended from 1945 to graduation in 1949 had no separate auditorium as shown at the right of the photo. The expansive addition wasn’t built until 1950. The auditorium and gym were one and the same. I remember the basketball hoop at the rear because directly beneath it was a big old-fashioned steam radiator. I remember this because one day while driving for a layup my head encountered the radiator. Lots of bleeding. Couple of stitches. Don’t recall if I made the shot or not.

In the same sharing vein, our gym coach, “Pops” Robling, was also the janitor. One day in gym on the basketball court I was called to the sideline by Pops or maybe his assistant, I forget. He told me I might make the team “if I just tried a little harder…” This came as something of a shock to me. I don’t believe I said this but what I must have been thinking was: “Coach! Coach! This is BASKETBALL! I am eight years old—two feet, nine inches tall…!”