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Gilbert & Bennett School

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[HistoryOfRedding.net] Gilbert & Bennett School (Old and New)


Back in our day, for kids from Redding, Weston and Wilton, Junior high meant the Gilbert & Bennett School in Georgetown. This old photo shows both old (upper right corner) and new schools. When completed around 1910 the new school was hailed as a model for school architecture because of its advanced design. It featured fire escape doors from each classroom and (unusual for its day) indoor restrooms. It served local students, I think, for about 100 years.

There is an interesting section (“History of Redding” page) at wikipedia on this slice of esoterica from long-ago school days. Title: “Gilbert & Bennett School (1915 – Present)”.

No doubt Georgetown’s central location with respect to the three towns (Redding, Weston, Wilton) explains the location of this junior high.

According to the writeup Gilbert & Bennett School was ahead of its time, architecturally speaking. Begun in 1914 it was…

a model school for the community. It contained eight separate classrooms, an auditorium, kitchen, and cafeteria, a principal’s office and rooms equipped for manual training and domestic science. Built on one level for safety reasons, each room had its own exit door. There were neat inside bathrooms (most students still had “outdoor” bathrooms at home) and a spacious playground.

See also recollection of Ginny Morehouse here.

Class of ’52

[Soundings] Gilbert & Bennett School - Class of - 49My thanks to Tom Saviano for making available the publication (Soundings?) that contained these photos. (Wonder how many of them we could name and how many graduated Staples with us…?) Needs work naming the kids in this photo (Ginny: “Are you there…?”)


Gilbert & Bennett School—Class of 1952
Row Graduate Promoted to…
1st Row (Sitting) Unidentified
Isaacs, Jules Staples High School
2nd Row (Standing) Hardy, Sandra Staples High School
3rd Row Unidentified
Hesse, Carol Staples High School
Simmons, Terry Not known
4th Row Unidentified
Landes, Gail Staples High School
Morehouse, Virginia Staples High School
Gilbert, Richard Staples High School
5th Row Unidentified
Bennett, Francis Staples High School
Manning, John Staples High School