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Bedford Junior High

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This is not how our old Bedford Junior High appeared in 1952. I don’t recall the parking lot in front; just a grassy slope down from the Post Road where photographers stood to shoot the class pictures on the front steps.

Class of ’52

[Basta] Bedford Junior High, Class of 1952Thanks to several people who forwarded this photo, including Tom Saviano, Deanna and I can’t remember the others…maybe Shirley Rice.

Here we were one day in late spring of 1952, poised and eager come fall to make it to the big time at last—HIGH SCHOOL:

Bedford Junior High—Class of 1952
Row Graduate Promoted to…
1st Row (kneeling or sitting) Spooner, Samuel Staples
Palazzo, John Staples
Green, Christopher Staples
Cleary, Michael Staples
Caselnova, Kenneth Staples
Bannon, Suzanne Staples
Armitage, Gail Staples
Harding, Lynn Staples
Butner, Mary Ann Staples
Papagno, Marie Staples
Carpenter, Hilary Staples
Wise Anthony
2nd Row (standing) Burke, Muriel Staples
Zeoli, Marilyn Staples
Walker Leann Staples
3rd Row Cooper, Craig Staples
Kunin, George Staples
DeAngelis, Howard Staples
Gilbertie, Anthony Staples
Saviano, Thomas Staples
4th Row Hartley, Barbara Staples
Keehan, Mary Jane Staples
Maurer, Georgiann Staples
Johnson, Mary Ann Staples
Basta, Deanna Staples
Sadtler, Mary Field Staples
Booth, Frances Staples
Mullen, Peter Staples
Chisholm, Ronald Staples
Castiglia, Noel Staples
5th Row White, Norman Staples
Ruckert, David Staples
Cummings, John Staples
Beck, Richard Staples
Morgan, Thomas Not known
Buggle, Fintan Staples
Ball, John Staples
6th Row Morgan, Thomas Not known
Zweckbronner, Stanley Staples
Hyman, Michael Staples
McMahon, Joseph Staples
Perry, Vincent Staples
Clifford, George Staples
Hale, Alan Staples
Giannitti, Theodore Staples
Allen, Richard Staples
7th Row Unidentified
DePierro, Vincent Staples
Frey, Sanford Staples
Higgins, Jack Staples
Mills, Homer Staples
8th Row Unidentified
Palmer, Betty Staples
Gault Julia Staples
Nappa Barbara Staples
9th Row (left) McGregor, Ethel Staples
Allen, Bernice Staples
Dennert, Mary Ann Staples
Rippe, Mary Jane Staples
Weber, Constance Staples
Dooling, Eugene Staples
Feeney, Hubert Not known
Nazarro, John Staples
Smith, Herman Staples
Spero Robert Staples
Anastasia, John Staples
Smith, Tyler Staples
Anastasia, John Staples
9th Row (center) Doino, Rose Marie Staples
Ellis, Patricia Staples
McCluckie, Jacquelyn Staples
Daskam Marion Not known
Clark Elizabeth Staples
9th Row (right) Unidentified
Edwards, William Staples
Allen, Charles Staples
Goodsell, Tracy Staples
Bartek, Dorothy Staples
Benson, Pamela Staples
Kouns, Judith Staples
Campbell, Harriet Staples
Grecula, Ronald Staples
Top Row (left) Smith, Frasier Staples
Call, George Staples
Carson, Christopher Staples
Palmer, Richard Staples
Massiello, Richard Staples
Top Row (center) Ottinger, John Staples
Finnegan, Richard Staples
Boland, Joel Staples
Eskey, Leonard Staples
Audley, Edwin Staples
Top Row (right) Gutman, Brook Staples
Thomas Gordon Staples

To complete the page it would be great to have a copy of the commencement program, as well…