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Bedford Elementary

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[Saviano] Bedford Elementary


Bedford Elementary School at 110 Myrtle Ave., circa 1949, with the handwritten admonishment: “Laurence: Take your gum out and put your feet in!” Wisdom for the ages, Laurence…

At some point after Bedford Junior High moved to our old high school location on Riverside Ave. (1958 or so), Bedford Elementary moved into our junior high digs and was renamed “Kings Highway School”.

Class of ’49

[Class Photo] Bedford Elementary, Grade 6 (?)Gratefully Tom Saviano was in possession of this photo. As he explained to me, he might have gotten it from another classmate of ours, Teddy Giannitti, whose mom, according to Teddy, saved everything. (Thank you, Ms. Giannitti…!).

In this photo’s caption all but three or four students are now identified which, if you happen to be an eagle, you might be able to read… To help, I’ve reproduced the names in the table, below. We would be indebted to any Bedford Elementary classmate who may have kept a copy of the commencement program and wouldn’t mind forwarding it to me for posting here…

Bedford Elementary—Class of 1949
Row Last Name First Remarks
4th (top) Edwards William Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Higgins Jack Staples ’55 graduate.
Feeney Hubert Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Call George Staples ’55 graduate.
Allen Bernice Staples ’55 graduate.
MacGregor Bonnie Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Buddy Mason Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Dennert Mary Ann Staples ’55 graduate.
Ellis Patricia Staples ’55 graduate.
Palmer Richard Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Norris Sophia Private school in 7th.
Morgan Thomas Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Hale Alan Good guess. Not sure…
Frawley Robert Not sure… ???
3rd Sprague Frank Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Ranholm Richard Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Yost William Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Burke Muriel Staples ’55 graduate.
Palmer Betty Staples ’55 graduate.
Sadtler Mary Field Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Hansen John Not sure… ???
Weber Connie Staples ’55 graduate.
Dooling Eugene Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Clark Bette Staples ’55 graduate.
Audley Edwin Staples ’55 graduate.
Unidentified Not a clue…
Givotovsky Sergei Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
2nd Carson Christopher Staples ’55 graduate.
Goodsell Tracy Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Nazzaro John Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Lehn Mary Beth Staples ’55 graduate.
Unidentified Not a clue…
Ball John Staples ’55 graduate.
Garlick Clifford Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Unidentified Not a clue…
Carrera Marilyn Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Saviano Thomas Staples ’55 graduate.
Perry Vincent Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
1st Ohanian Donald Private school in 8th.
Buttery Mary Lou Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Castiglia Noel Staples ’55 graduate.
Armitage Gail Staples ’55 graduate.
Gilbertie Anthony Staples ’55 graduate.
Butner Mary Ann Staples ’55 graduate.
Caselnova Martin Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Walker Leann Staples ’55 graduate.
Carpenter Hilary Staples ’55 graduate.
Aubry Paul Non-Staples ’55 graduate.
Strachan John Not sure…
Frey Sanford Staples ’55 graduate.

Despite best efforts to “stand athwart History yelling ‘Stop!'”, Time is not listening. It marches on. To complete this brief history then, here—in these two photos—is what became of our old Bedford Elementary School:
[facebook.com/westportct.gov] "New" Town Hall at 110 Myrtle Ave.
[westport.k12.ct.us] Kings Highway School (Old Bedford Junior High)