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“We’re gonna hit…!”

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[Yearbook] Bruce Kent


For whatever reason, the most memorable (out of I am sure were hundreds) vignette I recall was smashing into a telephone pole on Goodhill Road and going through windshield on Goodhill Road on way to Susie Noyes’ house. Vince [DePierro] was in back seat of [Don’s VW Bug]. We had spent the day over at Patty Schurocks’ [classmate of Susie, class of ’57] house on other side of Weston road getting drunk (as was our custom).

[ebay.com] Model of 1955 VW BeetleI remember Vince saying: “We’re gonna hit” …………… then a loud crash ……… then Don [vonLiebermann] said: “We hit.”1

They carried me into Susie’s house all bloodied up past Susie’s shocked parents and into the guest room where I promptly passed out.

Later that night Susie snuck into the room with me and we made… [Sorry. Had to bleep best part out here… ]

There was more than one other occasion when they carried me in to pick up my date………. the excuse was always: “He’s sick.” On one of those occasions, Mr. Noyes … said: “He’s not sick, he’s drunk!” And so at last my cover was blown.

Sharpsburg, GA


  1. Don’t recall year or model of Don’s VW Bug. Photo is a 1955 version. Vaguely recall it being tan. Maybe one of Don’s buddies can remember… —Cliff