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Remembering my Navy Pilot Uncle

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[Yearbook] John Ottinger

John Ottinger

John sent me this photo a couple of years ago of his uncle—his dad’s younger brother—shown here as an ensign at Pensacola Naval Station, FL in 1934 (he has the “Ottinger” look, no?… :-). John remembers him visiting when he was a kid growing up in Mount Vernon, NY—before John transferred to Bedford Junior High in 9th grade. In John’s own words:

[Ottinger] Commander George M. Ottinger, John's uncle

Commander George M. Ottinger
US Navy Pilot

He was a graduate of the US Naval Academy, class of 1932. Head of Flight Group 84 aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Bunker Hill. Shot down and lost in one of the early raids on Okinawa, March 1945. Posthumous awards include the Navy Star and Gold Star in lieu of three Distinguished Flying Crosses. He also flew in raids over Tokyo in February, 1945.