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Georgetown’s Gilbert and Bennett School

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[Yearbook] Virginia Morehouse


By George (Cliff) Clifford. Photos provided by Ginny Morehouse… How did I not know this? According to Ginny, Wilton Center School kids, Ginny included, went to Gilbert and Bennett School in Georgetown in the 7th grade, as Wilton had no junior high. It also served junior-high ages from the neighboring towns of Redding and Weston. Again, who knew…?

Here are the photos she found and sent, pasted together on separate pages and scanned (click the blue links):

The group photo below Cynthia and Ginny may be the girls’ field hockey team. Not sure.

[Wikipedia] Georgetown, CTAgain, who knew…? Maybe I just forgot the name. According to wikipedia, Georgetown is an independent village. Not a town, but a “Census Designated Place”, nevertheless. In 2010 the population was 1,800 souls.

This old map (click to enlarge) from the 1800s shows the bordering towns (clockwise): Ridgefield, Redding, Weston and (not identified) Wilton to the southwest.

At Staples I really didn’t have a clear idea of Georgetown’s geographical location. I was into more important stuff back then: what kind of dumb, reckless stunt could I pull off without getting myself (and others) killed? That, and the length of classmate hemlines, of course… Back then, “somewhere to the north” was the best I could do re the location of Georgetown.

Just recently I found some historical info about the Gilbert & Bennett School which I’ve posted here.

And here’s what Ginny wrote in identifying the photos:

Hi Cliff,

i am sending more pictures of part of the Wilton group that went to Staples High School (class of 1955). I think these were taken in 1949 when we were attending 7th grade at Gilbert & Bennett School in Georgetown. Wilton did not have a Junior High…

Those were individual pictures that were taken at Gilbert & Bennett school. I believe they were from 7th grade graduation. I am a pack rat, we have been going through boxes of stuff and found them. Put them on a sheet of paper with names under them and sent it to you.

Ginny (Morehouse) Gillotti

[Question to Ginny from cell phone…]

When u say “pictures” r u saying actual photos or printed on paper, ie on a page in some publication…?


Actual pictures.

I did ask Ginny about the 7th grade graduation. Ginny was not sure whether 6th or 7th. The wikipedia article mentions 7th and 8th grades. I assume she and the rest of the Wilton kids continued at Gilbert & Bennett through the 9th grade. I’m thinking that the kids she could identify attended Wilton Central School along with Ginny, and that the unfamiliar faces designated by question marks (on the “Girl’s Field Hockey” pdf link) are kids from Redding schools.

Hendersonville, NC
July 2, 2016