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[Yearbook] Robert Walton

Robert Walton

“Bob”… serious and sincere … capable class president … Glenn Miller fan … interested in automotives … future probably at Dartmouth.

A daughter’s wedding, Walton style…”

A big day for mom, Terry, and dad, Bob, occurred in mid-September, 2008. I remember him telling me about it back when. I recall asking him about that custom Jag, and was it going to be ready for the Big Day? (Yeah, the same one he’s been working on since 1947…)

In any case, daughter, Jenifer (who was at the time living at home living with mom and dad), was to wed one Timothy Donahue on September 13, 2008. What was that comment, Bob—something about “one less mouth to feed…:O)?

Seriously, here are some photos from that truly special day…

[Walton] Bob's custom Jaguar.

Bob's custom Jag

[Walton] Bob's daughter and bride to be, ...

Jenifer waiting for Dad

[Walton] Bride with daddy chauffer: "Get me to the church on time...!"

...to the church on time!

[Walton] Great shot of bride.

Hey, it's MY wedding...!

[Walton] Bob and Terry on right.

Proud parents

[Walton] Bride, Jenifer, with groom, Tim Donahue.

Bride & groom

Honoring “man’s best friend” at Dog Mountain…

In the fall of 2007 Bob honored the Cliffords with a visit to our home in New Hampshire. Bob brought his yellow Lab, “Gryphon”. We were an overnight stop on Bob and Gryph’s way to a place called “Dog Mountain” in St. Johnsbury, VT—something of an annual pilgrimage for Bob—a half-day’s drive further north. We spent what was left of a beautiful New England autumn afternoon reminiscing on our deck, then had dinner at a local restaurant in New London.

Because Gryph couldn’t make it up the stairs to our guest bedroom, Gryph spent the night on our great room floor where our “Ginger” (Shepherd mix) and “BJ” (black Lab) also slept. Concerned about “turf” issues between the two Labs, I elected to spend the night on the great room sofa just in case. There was no reason for the concern. Labs are lovers, not fighters.

The following day—not feeling up to the trip—Bob and Gryph went on by themselves. On return home Bob emailed me the following photos of this wonderful place just for dog lovers:

[Walton] Chapel at Dog Mountain, St. Johnsbury, VT. 12/23/2007

Dog Chapel
Dog Mountain, VT

[Walton] Bob and Gryph in front of chapel on a 2008 trip. 4/21/2008

Bob & Gryphon

[Walton] Inside the chapel, Gryphon saying a prayer, canine-style. Fall, 2007

Gryphon w/ fellow statues

[Walton] Bob and Gryphon in front of chapel at Dog Mountain. 12/23/2007

Canine swim time

[Walton] Gryphon taking in the art show at Dog Mountain on an earlier trip. Fall, 2006

Bob's beloved Gryphon

[Walton] Bob and Gryphon (age now 12 or 13) on 2009 trip to Dog Mountain.

Bob w/ Gryph

As it turned out BJ and I joined Bob and Gryph at Dog Mountain in the fall of 2009 (see photos of that trip here).

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