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[Yearbook] Gale Seagle

Gale Seagle

“Gale”… Transferred from Scarsdale High in sophomore year … “Holy Moly!” … nice complexion and matching smile … ardent music fan … college bound.

From Gale’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

I arrived at Staples midway into my sophomore year having moved from Scarsdale, NY. The remainder of my high school years were spent loving Westport and, of course, the beach.

After graduation I attended UConn and during one summer met my future husband, Peter Brown (Roger Ludlow, class of ’55) at the Dairy Queen in Fairfield. Such different and more innocent times then! We were married in 1958 and lived in Connecticut, Florida and now Pennsylvania right next to Valley Forge National Park where we’ve been for 30 years.

We have two daughters and are now enjoying our wonderful grandchildren, ages four to 21. Our oldest just graduated from college in May and promptly and luckily found a job. She will be teaching first grade this fall about an hour from here. The others have interests from acting to various sports, and one is too young to know [have interests]. We’ll see what they grow into.

Aside from the grandchild activities, I have enjoyed training and showing dogs over the years. I currently have two black Cocker Spaniels, both AKC titled in obedience, also registered therapy dogs. We visit retirement communities, nursing homes and schools and it seems to bring so much pleasure to so many people. I admit to being a “dog person” and they are some of my favorite “people”.

I am pleased to hear that the turnout looks good for our 50th and am looking forward to seeing old friends.

Phoenixville, PA