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[Yearbook] Martha Ruggles

Martha Ruggles

“Martha”… Transferred from Miss Thomas School in junior year … a spark of genius … prim and perk … an MG completes the picture … college, definitely.

From Martha’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

Since our 40th reunion I have retired altogether from professional work as a psychiatric social worker both at a Boston hospital and in the community. In many ways I miss my colleagues and patients, as well as the daily structure, but I felt that at 65 I needed to shift my focus to family and friends and pursue all of those activities that were put on the back burner.

So now I see my five grandchildren (four girls and a boy from ages nine to one) often, and am happy to be part of their lives while they are growing up.

My husband and I travel more now, and we have ventured to China and Japan, with India to come soon, plus repeated trips to Italy, France and other friendly places. We even spend a month in Arizona during Boston’s cruel winters, which are not as pleasant as Westport’s.

In addition to gardening relentlessly, struggling with my genealogy which will never be done, and helping at various Boston organizations, I devote as much time as I can to playing duplicate Bridge, collecting master’s points at a snail’s pace.

Regrets that I cannot make the dinner on the 13th.

Beverly Farms, MA