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[Yearbook] David Ruckert

David Ruckert

“Dave” … studious with a scientific outlook … secret desire, to accelerate in stock car races … friendly in his own inimitable way … destined for college.

From Dave’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

Married wonderful Suzanne two years after the 25th reunion. We combined two families and shared the joy of five teenagers, which brought the honeymoon to an abrupt end. Twenty-three years later, it all seems to have worked out.

[Ruckert] Dave and Suzanne, just retired!

Dave and Suzanne
Just retired!
Coronado, CA 2009

Four grandchildren so far. Live in idyllic Coronado, CA, located strategically 500 miles from my office… moved to CA in 1982. Joined small start-up fiber optic lighting company in 1987 as CEO, and through skillful leadership over 18 years have turned it into a small post-startup.

Plan to finally retire this year to much rejoicing by the board of directors.

Coronado, CA

Email: February 25, 2009

Cliff: (This is the email [address] I have for you; hope it’s still good.)

It was nice to hear from you. I’ve been intending to respond for a month and just now getting around to it. Getting old.

I used to summer on the cape, and a couple of years ago was in Provincetown for a memorial service (and got caught in a blizzard). My dear first wife moved there after our divorce (in 1980), and our daughter Leslie opened The Chatham Cheese Company last summer (902 Main St., if you’re ever in the area during summer and fall). So a lot of connections and fond memories for me about the cape; I hope you are enjoying it there…

My bride (of 27 years) Suzanne was chair of her 50th reunion last August and it was a magnificent evening (186 attended out of 300 in the class; much larger than old Staples). She worked daily for 14 months on it, and was delighted by the result.

I haven’t seen the class of ’55 site for a while, so have no news of the old crowd. Fill me in, if you have news. And if you’re ever on this coast, give us a call. It would be fun to reminisce over the odd glass of red liquid.


Email: March 5, 2009


Nice to hear from you. Sounds like everybody is facing unexpected financial issues at this point. I assure you Suzanne and I share your political views/concerns exactly… California real estate is still nuts, even with the turndown.

I’m sorry we didn’t meet up at the Red Barn, also. We didn’t make the beach—we drove to Boston the next day to see my two girls and brother.

Thanks for asking about the great American novel. I had submitted it to the Amazon/Penguin “Breakthrough Novel” contest last year, and finished in the top 100 out of 5,000 entries, but no cigar. I reworked it based on comments from some expert readers, and resubmitted it this year. We’ll see.

If we’re ever in your area, we will definitely look you up, and you must promise to do the same. Coronado is better than the Cape in the winter. And Leslie, who is a sweetheart (and just celebrated her 40th birthday), will be delighted to meet you.

Best regards,

Email: March 5, 2009


I hope this finds you well. Our Christmas card to you last year was returned because I sent it to New Hampshire, knowing full well you were on the Cape (did you ever get over to the Chatham Cheese Company to see my daughter Leslie Polk?) Sorry about that. To atone, I’m sending a picture of Walt Soderlund and I as we regaled our wives with songs we used to sing during the Staples years. I propose the following caption, should you decide to put it on the site (for which you also have Walter’s permission):

—Dave Ruckert

[Ruckert] Dave (standing), Walt Soderlund

Dave & Walter Soderlund

Caption: Distinguished semi-retired Professor Emeritus Walter Soderlund and considerably less distinguished semi-retired businessman Dave Ruckert had a joyful reunion in Coronado, CA, gracing their beautiful brides with a spirited rendition of “Wild Side of Life”.

[Note: The above caption for this fine photo was penned by Dave’s own hand; so certified, notarized and Martinized by this here webmaster…]