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[Yearbook] Larry Roberts

Lawrence Roberts

“Larry”… Einstein, move over, make room for our mathemetician and scientist … likes music, mostly longhair … a career in research awaits.

Larry Roberts, Internet pioneer…

What an achievement! Here is Larry’s story one of the principal architects of our modern internet, copied in its entirety. To read it online, click here.

IEEE Spectrum Magazine Feature Story, July 2009… If we define “the internet” in very basic terms as “computer-to-computer communication” or “intercomputer communication”, then our man, Larry, has every right to be known as one of the fathers of the internet. In the late ’60s, Larry—MIT graduate and then employed with MIT’s Lincoln Labs, a Defense Dep’t contractor, was asked by DOD’s ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) to head up a team to design and build the world’s first computer-to-computer communication system, or ARPANET, as it was then dubbed. It was the “Adam” of the internet that we know and love (or curse, depending…) today.

Larry Roberts, courtesy of IEEE Spectrum, July 2009

Larry Roberts
IEEE Spectrum
July 2009

Ongoing network innovation under Larry’s direction…

Today, Larry heads up his own CA-based company, Anagran, that builds (you guessed it) internet hardware. Recently, IEEE Spectrum (the electrical and electronic engineering society’s monthly bible) did a feature story on Larry’s reengineered design for a router better able to handle streaming traffic (video, etc.). If you are so inclined you can read the entire article here.

After digesting the article, myself (I did networking stuff while at Kodak), I mused with Noel: Ah, how simple it all seems now. Why didn’t we think of it… :-)? The only thing the article doesn’t explain is concerns the packets occasionally dropped under high traffic conditions—where do they go to die…?

And does anyone even care…!?”

To which Noel replied: I guess if we had invented the internet we would know where the dropped packets go to die. I think it is somewhere in packet stream heaven where Al Gore is heading while trading carbon credits..Smile.

Larry’s Wikipedia biography…

Here is the biographical entry in the authoritative online wikipedia site for Lawrence G. Roberts, PhD.