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[Yearbook] Noel Castiglia

Noel Castiglia

“Castinels” … Outdoorsman … talkative and amiable … “Go, go, go!”… ardent Yankee fan … bright future in engineering.

From Noel’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

Fifty years is just a blur. Hobbies still free and scuba diving, fly fishing, skiing. Gave up hunting 20 years ago and took up power boating.

Moved to Annapolis in 1974, a single parent with two girls in 1976. Met my wife, Ann, in 1977 and we’ve been together ever since. Twice is a charm for me.

In 1984, after tragically losing our daughter, Tria, I stepped back from running [his scientific and technical services company]…

In 1989 my wife… founded [a specialty advertising firm] in Annapolis. Our daughter, Carla, is a single parent and lives close by in Annapolis with our grandson, Tony (our highschool football player) and our granddaughter, Danielle, now a sophomore in college.

We’re in Westport at 56 Lyons Plains about every month or two visiting family and friends. We volunteer in Annapolis, and fit in some travel when we can. I’m busier in retirement then when I worked.

Life is fragile, and we are very grateful to have been very fortunate health wise and still physically active to date. My high school motto in the yearbook was “Go, Go, Go” and I did then. But today, after 50 years, my motto is “Every day is a good day; just some are better then others” (some are a lot better than others), even though I still am on the go a lot…

Annapolis, MD

Apologies, Noel, I couldn’t include your entire greeting as I ran out of disk space…:O).

The Castiglia family’s “Go! Go! Go!” lifestyle

[Castiglia] Family vacation, Ocean City, MD, 2006.

Head Coach Noel
with Homegrown
Football Team

[Castiglia] Grandson Tony and...?

Granddaughter Danielle, Daughter Carla, Grandson Tony

[Castiglia] Noel and Tony in Class IV rapids on Niagara River.

Noel and Tony on Niagara River

[Castiglia] Noel and Tony completing Lake Placid bobsled ride.

Noel and Tony on Lake Placid Bobsled

[Castiglia] Noel and Tony at Cave of the Winds at American Falls.

Noel and Tony at Cave of Winds, American Falls

[Castiglia] Jet boatride up Niagara to whirlpool below falls.

Jet Boatride up Niagara River to Falls

[Castiglia] CNN tower, floor 147.

CNN Tower, Floor 147

[Castiglia] CNN skypod, world's highest observation deck.

CNN Skypod—World's Highest Observation Deck

[Castiglia] Summer ski jumping at Lake Placid. Click to enlarge.

Summer Ski Jumping, Lake Placid

[Castiglia] Lake Placid: site of Miracle on Ice.

Lake Placid—Site of Miracle on Ice

[Castiglia] Noel helping Henry Knox move cannons to Boston in 1776.

Noel Moving Cannons to Boston in 1776

[Castiglia] Noel and Tony at Statue of Liberty.

Noel and Tony at Statue of Liberty

[Castiglia] Noel at New York's Tavern on the Green.

Tavern on the Green, NYC

[Ed: “What a great grand-dad…!” :-). Be sure not to miss Noel’s amazing Classmate Recollections piece: “Remembering the Big House” ]