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[Yearbook] Virginia Morehouse

Virginia Morehouse

“Ginny” … a demure Wiltonite … favors Western music … enjoys being different … enthusiasm for everything … a future student of Connecticut State Teachers College.

[Ed. Demure … From Webster’s dictionary: “1) Quiet and polite; 2) not attracting or demanding a lot of attention; 3) not showy or flashy.” Without reading all 160 Yearbook profiles, I feel confident that Ginny is the only one tagged as “demure”.]

Photos from Wilton school daze past…

Ginny sent in this fascinating black and white photo showing the cast of an April 2, 1947 production of Hansel and Gretel at the Wilton Center School. (Unfortunately she did not have the original photo—just a print from a photocopier.) The players are as follows; see how many you remember or can help us identify:

[Yearbook] Wilton Hansel & Gretel 1947

Hansel & Gretel

Standing (left to right)

  1. Unknown
  2. Ginny
  3. Unknown
  4. Sandra Hardy
  5. Unknown
  6. Jules Isaacs
  7. Unknown
  8. Cynthia Whitehead
  9. Terry Meguire
  10. Unknown

Kneeling (left to right)

  1. Unknown
  2. George or Gary Malkin
  3. Terry Farr
  4. Unknown

I can’t recall the story line as we learned it as kids, but there’s a good refresher at wikipedia. I asked Ginny why she had on a white robe/dress while the other nine standing were in dark costumes. She replied that she played the role of “Dew Fairy”.

I’ve been wondering if—like all the other elementary schools—there was a photo taken of the 1949 graduating class of Wilton Center School, i.e., Wilton’s elementary school. So far, no one has replied. Ginny didn’t know but said she’d continue looking. Thanks, Ginny!