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[Yearbook] Jacee McCluckie

Jacquelyn McCluckie

“Jacee”… ambitious … an ardent booster of Staples senate … “No josh!” … future: medicine, marriage and motherhood … secret desire: to go to heaven, but will probably join the rest of us…

From Jacee’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

After much deliberation and thought, I’d have to say my life cannot be summarized in a few words. As an overview I would say I am relatively happy, healthy and wise. I’m looking forward to renewing old friendships and acquaintances.

We have eight children and 11 grandchildren (including step-children) scattered in England, France and the US. What would I change? To have them all in one area and see old friends and acquaintances more often.

Hope I’m not too late for the Rag. Time is elusive and hurricanes frequent! We did okay—no damage except a roof leak. See you at the reunion.

Tampa, FL

A hand-written thank you card with blog donation…!

A hand-written blog contribution and thank you note to your class blog webmaster (that would be me, Cliff)! Who does that anymore…!? Only us old-timers, I guess. Here—with Jacee’s permission—is what she wrote:

Dear Cliff…

I was delighted to receive your email about staples55.com. I had a great time re-reading it. I’m embarrassed to say I never thought about the cost of running it. All these years you’ve done a superb job of producing [it]. Thank you so very much.

I hope you and Ronnie are having a good retirement and are well. Frank and I [have been keeping pretty much] close to home.

I paint in watercolor which is fun and interesting.

I volunteer at the cultural center—a joint venture between the county and friends of the cultural center. They offer a multitude of classes in art, music, dance, pottery, languages, etc. Tonight there is a swing dance and I’ll help collect tickets, etc.

Frank bowls and loves to watch golf and football.

I’m enclosing a check to help fund staples55.com.

T’was good to hear from you.

February 12, 2016