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[Yearbook] John Leopold

John Leopold

“Squeek”… Dauntless and perservering … countless ideas for his many interests … able editor of Soundings … “surely you jest” … Williams awaits.

From John’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

Went off to Dartmouth. Graduated 1959.

Entered the US Army after ROTC at Dartmouth. Infantry and Intelligence trained, then attended Army Language School in Monterey, learning Turkish. Served in Turkey for 22 months as provost marshal and security officer.

Returned to Counter-Intelligence in 1962, working in operator services, engineering and network planning.

Met Ruth Kennedy in July, 1965. Married April, 1966. Two children: Jennifer, born in 1968; Mark, born in 1970.

When we married, Ruth worked at Macy’s, but gave that up to raise our kids. After we moved to New Jersey in 1978, she went back to school for a Masters in Theater degree, and ended up teaching English, Speech and Acting courses.

She was assistant director at the local community theater, and acted, directed, produced, costumed and whatever else goes along with community theater. In addition to being house manager, an occasional helpful laborer and bit-part player, I also wound up a business and box office manager for a while.

Before that I’d coached soccer for years, as my children were occupied with youth leagues. Mark progressed through youth soccer to high school level.

I went to AT&T headquarters in NJ in 1978, living in Randolph outside of Morristown for 21 years before retiring in 1997. At AT&T I dealt with network planning, training, divestiture planning and quality, process management and business excellence assessment and coaching.

Even though AT&T was trying to improve, it was just too big and top heavy to succeed, thus leading to my long-welcomed retirement.

We moved to Fearrington Village outside Chapel Hill, NC, in 1999. Enjoying retirement, visiting grandchildren, traveling, gardening, singing. Joined the Universalist Unitarian Church, helped develop an overall financial system for the church and served as treasurer before again “retiring” in 2004.

Pittsboro, NC