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[Yearbook] Carol Hesse

Carol Hesse

“Cary”… Art, but definitely … features college weekends … “I’ll never tell” … an ardent sailor … plans career in textile designing.

From Carol’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

I graduated from Syracuse U. in 1959 with a degree in Textiles. I was married to John Marsland (Staples, class of ’53) in 1958…

We moved back to CT in 1960 and started a family. We have four children and nine grandsons. We are currently living in Princeton, NJ, and love the town and all the activities a university town provides.

I returned to school in 1979 and received a degree in Art Education and taught in CT, PA and NJ.

I retired in 1999 and now spend time painting, knitting, traveling and enjoying our family. We have a sailboat on Barnegal Bay and spend most of our summer weekends in Forked River and on the Bay. John and I are looking forward to the reunion in August.

Princeton, NJ

Email—February 7, 2009

Dear Cliff,

Hope you and the family are well. We are surviving the winter and today John set out for our boat to do some repairs to the bulkhead. We sail on Barnegat Bay and she is up in the yard on Forked River. I am off to church at the Princeton Chapel, my winter Sunday home. In the summer we are sailing.

I am still painting and enjoying my 11 grandsons. We also have trips to visit with John’s dad who celebrated his 102nd birthday in Jan. He is working on his 4th wife and he is amazing, with all of his marbles.

We are headed for Hawaii and sailing with friends in Southern California in June. We will also visit with David, our oldest son who works as an instructor at Ebay. He is very involved with the city of San Jose on their green cities project.

Must run,

Cheers, Carol

Email—February 8, 2009

Yes, I had read the update on Donny and the fact that Miss Testa’s job [her system-wide directorship, according to Donny, not her teaching job] was taken away. How unfair! They were both such great teachers. I will send you a photo via email later and I would love to see the picture of your dog. You have permission to reprint my message. We are both retired, although John is working four days a month for his former boss. Money is tight now and we have not traveled as much this year. We take full advantage of all the free things to do in Princeton at the Arts Council, library, McCarter theater, the university and Westminster Choir College. We both love music and art and there is a lot of it in the area.

We are mostly weekend sailors, not adventurous enough to go cruising to the Vineyard or Nantucket. We spend a couple of nights on the weekend in local harbors. The beach at Island Beach Park is one of our favorites along with Ocean Grove, Spring Lake and others within a one-hour drive.

—Cheers, Carol

[Hesse] Carol and husband, John Marsland. Picture says a thousand words!

John and Carol
Island Beach Park, NJ

[Hesse] Healing through creativity.

Cancer Survivor
Carol, 2005