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[Yearbook] Heather Merryman

Heather Merryman

“Heddy”… invaluable booster of WICC … non-conformist… financial wizard of the senior class … will be remembered for her spirited driving … college, maybe.

From Heather’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

It’s hard to believe we have another reunion coming up…and such a big one!

The Big News: my daughter, Melinda, got married [in] 2003.

The Fun News—probably the most fun I’ve had in recent years— has been with this band, ‘The Heather Moz Ensemble’.

Can’t wait to see everyone to catch up…

Montpelier, VT

[Merryman] Heather Moz Ensemble

Heather Moz Ensemble

[Merryman] Heather's CD.

Ensemble CD