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[Yearbook] Christopher Green

Christopher Green

“Kit”… Definitely for “dem bums” … “Wait til next year!” … an eager beaver in class discussions … plans to improve the reputation of the weatherman.

From Chris’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

After graduation from Staples I went to the U. of Connecticut where I majored in History, graduating in 1959.

Thinking I wanted to be an historian, I went to Johns Hopkins U. to begin a PhD in History. But after one year I knew historial research was not what I wanted to do. I therefore returned to UConn in 1960 to do a Masters degree in Economics with the idea of teaching History and Social Science in high school. But after one Education course (taken while I was trying to learn Economics), I knew I could not take another… Fortunately I found Economics so interesting that I was accepted into graduate school for a PhD, and thus was off to the U. of Wisconsin in 1962.

Just before leaving Madison, WI, I met my wife, Lenore, and we were married in 1967 after she graduated from UW—also a History major.

In 1966 I received my PhD in Economics and went off to teach and do research at North Carolina State U. in Raleigh. We lived in Raleigh until 1969.

Our first daughter, Andrea, was born in 1969, just four months before we were to move to Montreal where I had accepted a position at McGill U. After moving to Montreal we had two more children, Kirsten and Peter.

We live in a small community, Baie d’Urfe, 20 miles west of Montreal. I commute each day by train—and have been doing so since 1973.

I have been in the Dep’t. of Economics here since 1969, rising to the rank of full professor in 1979. For the past ten years I have been chair of the dep’t. for all but a sabbatical leave in 2001 – 2002. My nine years as chair mercifully comes to an end this June.

If Montreal is nothing else, it is immensely cosmopolitan. People of all languages and cultures get along fine, despite the divisiveness promoted by the separatist governments dominating since 1976.

Although we have much of Canada in us after 36 years, we remain US citizens (one never gives that up), and have never missed voting in a US presidential election.

Baie d’Urfe, Canada