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[Yearbook] Richard Fitzgerald

Richard Fitzgerald

“Dick”… Transferred from American Community School, Teheran, Iran, in senior year … a real hepcat for jazz … reserved when in a crowd … likes basketball … college to follow after graduation.

From Dick’s 50th Reunion greeting to classmates…

I’ve been practicing law for the past 36 years in Lakeville, CT, and have been serving as judge of probate for the last 25. I expect to retire at the end of the current term in two years.

I lost a son in 1993 and my wife in 2000 and have two children and 2-1/2 grandchildren living close to me here in Lakeville. I will be married this fall to a wonderful gal.

My plans in retirement are to continue boating and golf (I keep a boat in Portsmouth, RI) and to see a little more of the world. I occasionally sail abroad with a group of Irish friends.

Lakeville, CT

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