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[Yearbook] Pat Ellis

Patricia Ellis

“Pat”… Kind and generous … conscientious worker … meticulous in ways … will make a capable nurse.

From Pat’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

After Staples I attended the University of Michigan, married, and graduated with a degree in sociology. We lived in Augusta, GA, and then Baltimore, MD, where I worked at Johns Hopkins and we had a son.

We moved to Japan and our second child, a daughter, was born there. In 1965 we returned to the States and settled in the Washington, DC, area where we adopted a second daughter and where I have remained ever since.

Subsequently I was divorced and went back to school, becoming a nurse and earning a Master of Theology degree. My most interesting job as a nurse was in an inner city emergency room, and I’ve held a number of church-related jobs. I now work part time as the coordinator of Senior Ministries for a large Episcopal church. In my spare time I ring hand bells, volunteer with the police department and, since my son works for Grand Circle, do some traveling. My next adventure will be in Egypt.

I have five grandchildren with another on the way. Maybe the most unusual thing about my life is that I have a child born in Japan, a child born in Korea, and three grandchildren born in China. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing old friends at the reunion and am grateful to all those who are making it happen.

Silver Springs, MD

Email—March 26, 2009

[Following is an email exchange I had with Pat, replying to an earlier message I had sent to the members of the 50th reunion organizing committee. Here it is with a little reminiscing along the way and a great shot of “grandma” and her adorable granddaughter, Anika, age four.]

Hi Cliff,

It was great to hear from you. I hope you and your family are well; thankfully we are fine.

I have such good memories of our 50th Staples reunion, and I’m interested to know that there have been some inquiries about a 55th. Unfortunately, given my family and community obligations, I’m not in a position to help give leadership to such an effort; and it is unlikely I’d attend if a gathering took place, simply because of the cost and effort involved.

Perhaps the simplest thing would be to announce (via an e-mail) well in advance that all who are interested should meet at the Red Barn or wherever at such-and-such a time on a given night to have dinner together. Folks could respond via e-mail in order to get at least a rough head count.

It is likely this would attract mostly Fairfield County folk, but a few others might be able to time a vacation or weekend get-away in order to attend. I’ll be surprised if there is enough enthusiasm to pull off anything as comprehensive and wonderful as our gathering in 2005.

Thanks again for all your hard work on behalf of the class of ’55.


&mdashPat Ellis Davis
Silver Spring, MD

Email—April 5, 2009

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Hi Cliff,

Great to hear from you, and I apologize for taking so long to reply.

We, too, lived in the White Oak apartments long ago. Small world! And yes, there have certainly been many changes during the 40+ years that I’ve lived in the DC area.

By all means feel free to post my e-mail if you like. Your site is really terrific; I loved catching up on news of friends from Staples.

Pat Ellis Davis with granddaughter, Anika

Pat and Anika

I’m now living in a retirement community very close to my previous home. Last spring I retired; but I keep busy with two book groups, two college classes, a hand bell choir, and volunteer work at a theater, a hospital, and the county police department – not to mention six grandchildren. I’ll e-mail you a recent picture of me with the youngest. A special treat is getting together with old friends who are visiting or passing through Washington, DC. Hope that number will include you some day.

All the best, Cliff, to you and your family.


Email—April 5, 2009

The child in my photo is my youngest grandchild, Anika, now age four. She is one of the four (of my six) grandkids who were adopted in China. One of my three children was adopted, and she was born in Korea; and my other daughter was born to me while we were living in Japan. My son was the odd man out—born in Baltimore. Did you follow all that?


Email—March 20, 2011

Hi Cliff,

Thanks for this news. I appreciate hearing from you, even when the message is a sad one. Please note that my e-mail address changed a couple of years ago…

All is well here. For almost five years I’ve lived in a large retirement community where I now serve on the nine-member Resident Advisory Council. Amazingly, one of the other members is a fellow Staples grad, David Pasternak. He was a few years behind us, but I think the class of ’55 would remember his brother, Dexter, who now lives in Delaware.

I also volunteer with several other organizations and am a member of a handbell choir and two book groups. My three children and six grandchildren are the light of my life.

Thanks for all your work on behalf of our class.

—Pat Ellis Davis
Silver Spring, MD