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[Yearbook] Shirley Dexter

Shirley Dexter

“Shirl” … Cute is the word … quiet, until you get to know her … “Oh, Gosh” … very neat dresser … plans to enter the nursing field.

From Shirley’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

Sorry that this has taken me sooooo long to send. It just seems so self-serving to talk about myself, but here goes.

Not too much has changed since my last “bio”. I am still the very proud mom, “Gran”, mother-in-law of five (each) “kids”. Two granddaughters in college, WOW! Where did the time go???

All my family lives out of state, CA, MI, and NC. Happily single and doing my own thing, i.e., some tennis, golf, oil painting, traveling, reading, dating and selling homes (part time).

Have finally become accustomed to Arizona climate, and will probably stay put here as long as I can function on my own. My bones are more comfortable here, plus the housing prices are more affordable than CA.

I think I have come to realize that “we must now eat our dessert first”!

See you all soon. Hugs,

Phoenix, AZ