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[Yearbook] Harriett Campbell

Harriett Campbell

“Happy” … Carefree, most popular … magnetic smile and winning ways … “Miss Excitement” … wants to go west … University of Colorado, maybe.

From Happy’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

Was married to Norm Williams, divorced in 1982. Remarried in 1983 to Dave Van Sickle. Norm passed away in March of 2002…long-time heart problems. Have four kids of my own, four steps, and 23 grans, combined. Keeps us busy…!

I live in Chatham, Cape Cod. We started our own real estate business in ’86. We bought a vacation house in Vero Beach, John’s Island, so we go back and forth when time permits.

Reflections on 50 years…amazed that it’s gone so fast. Seems a blur, but a great ride…!

I’ve spoken with Pam Gill. She was divorced and remarried, only to have him pass away quite suddenly. I’d love to get her to come. Also spoken with Judy Sterling—our paths cross now and then. That’s about it for Staples connections!

Hobbies include knitting, skiing, tennis, golf—pretty much anything that lets me get outside.

Bye for now…

Chatham, MA