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[Yearbook] Chuck Banks

Charles Banks

“Chuck” … Transferred from Taft School in Junior year … musically minded … a fine voice … a Dodger fan … thinking of a career in radio or T.V.

From Chuck’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

My wife, Susan, and I will be there on Saturday the 13th for dinner and for whatever you plan on Sunday. We only live 45 minutes away in Katonah, so we won’t overnight in Westport.

I’m still living in Westchester, practicing law in Mt. Kisco (40 years) and a town judge in Bedford (nine years). Two kids (kids…?): Molly is 36 and has two daughters, five and nine, and Charlie is 35.

Susan is a librarian in nearby Somers. Our commutes are short ‘though our days are long, but life is still a blast. Our favorite recreation is eco-travel; we were in Alaska twice in ’04.

Katonah, NY

Letter from Chuck with blog contribution…

Charles G. Banks, Jr.
Carlisle, PA

Easter Sunday


Glad you’re keeping the Class blog going, and I’m happy to send a check in support. Staples is still a distant but fond memory, and I still keep in touch with our classmate, Bob Walton, on Long Island. He and I were also classmates in Weston and at Yale. Bob is still crabby, but his wife, Terry, is terrific.

Susan and I are living here in PA, where we moved in ’09 to be near the grandkids. Both my kids, too, live locally, and we’re all getting together for Easter dinner this evening. I’m still practicing law, working at home three weeks a month and commuting to my office in Mt. Kisco, NY, the fourth week. I keep thinking about retiring, but what would I do to keep myself occupied?

I take a cruise with Susan once a year or so (last one from Venice to Istanbul on the Viking Star), and I still do big-game hunting, deer in the fall (my freezer is full!) and I’m going to Zimbabwe for my third (and probably last) African hunt in May.

I hope your health is good, and that you’ll keep in touch.