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[Yearbook] Gail Armitage

Gail Armitage

“Gay” … Extrovert, and dislikes shy people … staunch supporter of Staples’ Senate … ultra-blonde hair … future undecided.

From Gail’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

Gail Armitage Heath is enjoying retirement with husband, Jack. We live in PA outside Philadelphia for seven months of the year, and then are lucky to spend the winter at our home in Viera, FL, near Cape Kennedy.

Our three sons, two daughters-in-law and three grandchildren keep us young and busy.

We are volunteer guides at the nearby 18th century grist mill.

We’ve just returned from a trip to Italy and look forward to more travels.

I’m working on the name tags with Tom Saviano and Pat Ellis Davis, and am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Thornton, PA

From Gail’s 45th reunion greeting to classmates…

Gail Armitage Heath retired in June from teaching (K-2 Reading Specialist in West Chester, PA), and is planning lots of traveling and relaxation for the next year. I still have three sons, but—since the last reunion—have added two daughters-in-law, a two-year-old granddaughter, and a ten-year-old grandson!

—Gail Armitage Heath
Thornton, PA

Email – May 30, 2009

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[Heath] Mary Jane, Deanna, Marianna, Gail

Mary Jane, Deanna, Marianna, Gail

Hi George, I finally did it (I hope)… [Ed.] Meaning getting Florida pix onto computer.

Mary Jane Rippe Comfort and I have been classmates since kindergarten. Deanna Basta Bugan joined us in first grade. Marianna McAlarney Renzuli did not join us until junior year in high school.

Mary Jane and Fred Comfort live in Palm City and Deanna and Ken Bugan in Summerfield—both couples permanent Florida residents. Jack and I leave our Thornton, PA, home to spend winters in Viera, FL. And Marianna and Joe Renzulli head for Stuart, FL, from their Chelmsford, MA, home. We all get together at least once each winter.

Here are the promised photos (taken by hubby, Jack) of our Staples ’55 reunion in Orlando, FL, on January 20, 2009.


[Heath] Joe Renzulli, Gail, Fred Comfort, Ken Bugan

Joe Renzulli, Gail, Fred Comfort, Ken Bugan

Email – May 30, 2009

In reply I had asked Gail how it happened to be that she knew Mary Jane and Deanna from kindergarten and first grade, respectively, when Gail is shown in the third grade photo at Bedford Elementary on this page (front row, fourth from left). Also, having arrived at Greens Farms Elementary in third grade, myself, I had no recollection of Gail at all. To all of which mystery Gail wrote back:

Hi George,

Sorry it took so long.

My next project is sending photographs of the wildlife visitors to our Florida pond to our Heath Heritage web site, which our sister-in-law organized with Shutterfly.

Yes, we lived on West Parish Road and Rayfield Place and I attended Greens Farms Elementary (and Greens Farms Congregational Church) from kindergarten. Early in third grade my parents bought a home on Oak Street, and so I transferred to Bedford Elementary (and Saugatuck Congregational Church). I was there when they moved it down and across the Post Road and made Life magazine. Despite moving I still remained friends with Mary Jane and Dee.

In fact, we tell the story of me taking the school bus to Mary Jane’s birthday party in fifth grade. I looked out the window, saw North Ave. on a road sign and got off, clutching a very large birthday present. Mr. Mills didn’t notice, and when he got to the correct North Ave. crossroads where Mrs. Rippe was waiting for me, I was not on the bus. Luckily they figured it out, and I got to the party.

We joined up again at Bedford Jr. High.

We probably should invite other Florida residents to join us, but it takes many e-mails to find an acceptable date.

You should visit Dee and Ken. They are great hosts. This spring they took us to their Trivial Pursuit group, a llama and alpaca shearing, a butterfly exhibit at a University of FL museum in Gainesville, and the Orange Blossom Opry.

Thank you for all the work you do keeping the class of ’55 together and enthused.