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It occurred to me that classmates who have contributed hard cash to the upkeep of this blog deserve some special mention, don’t you think? Here, then, is a list of these members and their generous contributions (accumulative total) since launch of this site:

Founding Members
Yearbook Classmate Total Status
Chuck Banks Chuck Banks $100 Whenever I contact Chuck I fear I am in for yet another scolding. You see, once upon a time I had a bet with Chuck that I could steal a kiss from Leann Walker (they were then dating). Long story short, I won the bet, and I’ve spent the past half century weighed down with feelings of guilt and shame! Lordy! Lordy! Can’t we all just move on…!!!???
Deanna Basta Deanna Basta $25 Deanna lives with her hubby in Summerfield (central), FL. In idle moments she told me she fantasizes our third-grade “spin-the-bottle” games. Hope so, cuz that would make two of us…
Rick Beck Rick Beck $10
Noel Castiglia Noel Castiglia $120
Gloria DeMattia Gloria DeMattia $120
Pat Ellis Pat Ellis $10
Len Eskey Len Eskey $10
Donny Freeman Don Freeman $50 Western, MA Retired, married to an English gal, Margaret, both having had academic careers. Then the stepson of John O’Hanion, our music director, Donny’s mom and dad enrolled him in private school in 8th grade. He was a fine fiddler back then and continues to sing tenor in a in his home town church choir.
Judy Gault Judy Gault $20
Carol Hesse Carol Hesse $10
Mike Hyman Mike Hyman $125
Bruce Kent Bruce Kent $150 In the end it was Governor “Moonbeam”, aka Jerry Brown, that caused Bruce and wife, Katie, to pack up their posh Malibu home and head east to Atlanta. The CA tax and immigration policies had Bruce fearful of blowing a hole in the already micro-thin lining of his stomach. Now free of such worries they cater full-time to “Gibby”, their beloved Amstaff, and “El Gato”, their live-in killer cat and Gibby arch-enemy …
John Leopold John Leopold $10
Jacee McCluckie Jacee McCluckie $30
Ginny Morehouse Ginny Morehouse $25
Nancy Needham Nancy Needham $10
Dave Ruckert Dave Ruckert $110 I hear that Dave and wife, Suzanne, have successfully launched their innovative new formal wear fashion for the beach from their home in California. I know this because I receive a Xmas card each year showing off their latest line of men’s and women’s beachwear formals…! Of course, we are talking California…
Tom Saviano Tom Saviano $100 Mechanically inclined, Tom has invented a device perfect for this election season: A device for converting political hot air into… After many prototypes, Tom’s brainchild is now market ready: a collection device (i.e., “gas bag”) with an attached converter that sits next to the teleprompter turning political bloviating into natural gas…!
Bob Walton Bob Walton $140 Over the years Bob has put together quite a collection of Civil War memorabilia. In fact, there is so much of it, he is planning to open up his Long Island home to the public as a kind of Civil War museum. This has driven his lovely wife, Terry, to secretive online research on various kinds of lethal but pathologically untraceable poison…
Bruce Wilson Bruce Wilson $25