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Hackley, Lyn

[Click any image to enlarge. Note: Lyn passed away in 2010. ]

[Yearbook] Lyn Hackley

Lyn Hackley

“Hack”… enjoys people … appreciates a practical joke … fun to be with … “You better believe it!” … will make a good nursery school teacher.

[Note: No obituary available.]

From Lyn’s 50th reunion greeting to classmates…

Life is pretty slow for me since I have been a widow for nine years now… I have cats for company and a doll collection which keeps me occupied with other collectors on the computer. We exchange lots of pictures.

Judy Sterling visits almost every year and it is always such fun and our friendship never changes. Judy Kouns keeps in touch by phone. We saw Judy and Vernon a number of times when we lived in Houston.

Lauderhill, FL

[Hackley] Camera-shy Lyn at a doll convention.Lyn at doll show
[Hackley] Some of the favorite dolls in Lyn's collection.Some of Lyn’s collection