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Call, George

[Click any image to enlarge. George passed away in 1996. ]

[Yearbook] George Call

George Call

“George” … Revels in stock cars … “Hey, treetop” … his zest for mechanical drawing and drafting will eventually lead to a career in mechanics.
Born: 24-May-1936
Died: Jul-1996, Westport, CT
Age: 60

[No obituary available.]

Classmate Recollection… by John Ottinger

George Call and I never knew each other very well, but our lives intersected briefly late one night in the spring of 1960 when I fell asleep at the wheel and crashed my dad’s car into a light pole on Compo Road, just south of the Post Road.

[Ottinger] My '47 Merc SedanThe “Ottomobile”

I don’t remember any of it till I awoke in the ER, but George came to see me in the hospital. He had become a town police officer and was on patrol that night when his headlights caught a bloody figure (me) staggering down the middle of the road, away from what remained of the car. It was George who called the ambulance and took care of everything else that needed to be done. I always wanted him to know how grateful I was for his help. I’m sorry that I never took the opportunity to tell him.

Madison, WI
November 24, 2005