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[Saviano] Staples on Riverside Ave.

Staples High School, Riverside Ave.

The following classmates are no longer with us…

The dates of death are in some cases incomplete. We are very much indebted to John Ottinger for his research. If you do have factual information re the death of a classmate, please forward to me using Contact page.

Fifty-one of our classmates (graduates) have now passed away—that we know of. If you hear of any others, please let me know by email using Contact page. According to the commencement program, the size of the graduating class was 161.

The photos in the list, below (actually, sketches from photos), are from the Yearbook (Stapleite by name). In passing maybe I should mention that I borrowed John Ottinger’s Yearbook to do the scanning. Mine had long since disappeared. Or maybe I just forgot to get one. Dunno. The faint marks that you see on some of the faces you will recognize as the vestigial scribblings of farewell from one classmate to another: “Friends forever!”, “Burn in Hell!”, etc…

Only graduating classmates are shown below as these are the only Yearbook photos I had access to.

In Memoriam (Graduates)
Yearbook Classmate Born Died Obit
[Yearbook] Richard Allen Allen, Richard Not known Not known
[Yearbook] John Ball Ball, John Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Dorothy Bartek Bartek, Dorothy 13-Nov-1936 Feb-2000 Las Vegas, NV Link
[Yearbook] Deanna Basta Basta, Deanna Not known 13-Apr-1971 Summerfield, FL Link
[Yearbook] Francis Bennett Bennett, Francis 12-Aug-1937 Norwalk, CT 17-Sep-2010 Derby, CT Link
[Yearbook] Gloria Bennett Bennett, Gloria Not known 31-Mar-2010 Danbury, CT Link
 [Yearbook] Pamela Benson Benson, Pam Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Diane Bertasi Bertasi, Diane 7-Feb-1938 Bridgeport, CT 27-Jun-2003 Fairfield, CT Link
[Yearbook] David Blundell Blundell, David Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Frances Booth Booth, Frances Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Robert Bregy Bregy, Robert Not known Not known
[Yearbook] David Brubaker Brubaker, David 13-Nov-1936 28-Mar-2003 Stanardsville, VA
[Yearbook] Muriel Burke Burke, Muriel Not known 10-Mar-2006
[Yearbook] Mary Ann Butner Butner, Mary Ann Not known Not known
[Yearbook] George Call Call, George 24-May-1936 Jul-1996 Westport, CT
[Yearbook] Christopher Carson Carson, Kit 25-Oct-1937 11-Dec-2002 Frederiksted, St. Croix, US VI
[Yearbook] Michael Cleary Cleary, Mike Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Patrick Delaney Delaney, Pat Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Vincent DePierro DePierro, Vince 9-Jun-1937 8-Apr-2013 Link
[Yearbook] Charles DiBlanda DiBlanda, Chip 12-Sep-1937 24-Jan-2011 Link
[Yearbook] William Edwards Edwards, Bill Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Leonard Eskey Eskey, Len Not known 27-Mar-2011 Link
[Yearbook] Sanford Frey Frey, Sandy Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Lyn Hackley Hackley, Lyn Not known Sep-2010 Hilton Head, SC
[Yearbook] Sandra Hardy Hardy, Sandra Not known 19-Jun-2014 Bangor, ME
[Yearbook] Barbara Hartley Hartley, Barb 18-Oct-1937 6-Nov-2003 Fairfield, CT
[Yearbook] Jules Isaacs Isaacs, Jules 31-May-1937 Dec-1976 San Jose, CA
[Yearbook] Mary Ann Johnson Johnson, Mary Ann Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Mary Jane Keehan Keehan, Mary Jane 14-Jun-1937 31-Dec-2015 Clayton, GA Link
[Yearbook] George Kunin Kunin, George Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Mary Beth Lehn Lehn, Mary Beth 28-Feb-1937 9-Feb-1991 Fairfield, CT
[Yearbook] Orrin MacLeod MacLeod, Orrin 8-Sep-1936 18-Nov-1994
Alexandria, VA
[Yearbook] George Malkin Malkin, George 13-Apr-1937 1989 Danbury, CT Link
[Yearbook] Joseph McMahon McMahon, J.D. 31-Jul-1936 23-Dec-2002 Framingham, MA
[Yearbook] John Oliver Oliver, John 7-Jun-1937 28-Feb-2005 East Hampton, NY Link
[Yearbook] John Ottinger Ottinger, John 5-Jul-1937 1-Jul-2014 Madison, WI Link
[Yearbook] Patricia Plocar Plocar, Patty 31-Dec-1936 29-Jan-2003 Tucson, AZ
[Yearbook] Shirley Rice Rice, Shirley 13-Apr-1936 12-Dec-2005 Lake Placid, FL Link
[Yearbook] Kenneth Roeder Roeder, Ken Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Judith Schachte Schacte, Judy Not known 2002 New Zealand
[Yearbook] Martha Schick Schick, Martha 8-Sep-1937 Dec-1994 New York, NY
[Yearbook] Shirley Scofield Scofield, Shirley Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Thomas Sedgwick Sedgwick, Tom 22-Jan-1936 Feb-1981 Westport, CT
[Yearbook] Fraser Smith Smith, Fraser 8-Aug-1937 7-Apr-2007 Arlington, TX
[Yearbook] Michael Sutton Sutton, Mike Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Gordon Thomas Thomas, Gordon Not known Not known
[Yearbook] Don vonLiebermann vonLiebermann, Don 11-Nov-1937 2-Apr-2010 Weston, CT Link
[Yearbook] Constance Weber Weber, Connie Not known England?
[Yearbook] Norman White White, Norm 11-Apr-1937 8-Nov-1998 St. Petersburg, FL Link
[Yearbook] Norman Williams Williams, Norm Not known Not known
 [Yearbook] Sara Zimmerli Zimmerli, Sara 4-Oct-1937 4-Sep-2002 Summersville, WV Link