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[Enos Sketch] Cliff


To contact me please use the form below. Prevents spammers from getting my email address.

Once I reply by email (assuming I recognize you as a former classmate), we can then chat, tell lies about ‘way back when’, or just make sport of fellow classmates (my favorite… :-)

All kidding aside you can then forward me updates for the site by email: remembrances from school days, reflections on Westport life in the Fifties, photos, clippings, an old artifact you found in the attic like a Fine Arts movie theater ticket—anything at all that can be scanned and then forwarded as an attachment for posting.

Or, if you like, use the form simply to comment on the site or perhaps suggest a way to improve it.

Or, if you still feel the urge, just hurl your best epithet at me for a half-century-old perceived insult…

I look forward to hearing from you!

—George (I prefer “Cliff”) Clifford
Hendersonville, NC

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