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Welcome to staples55.com!

So what is this site?

Technically, it’s a blog (short for “web log”). However it’s a kind of hybrid blog in that it contains static pages as well as a home page where the “blogging” actually occurs.

The purpose of the site is fivefold:

  1. Reunion forum To serve as a web-accessible communications vehicle for future reunions. Classmates can post ideas and suggestions on the home page by commenting on a post. Here’s how: a classmate initiates the process by sending me an idea or suggestion for an upcoming reunion. I post it on the home page. Another classmate reads the post and wants to comment. He or she clicks the “Comments” link. A new page opens displaying the original post with a comment form underneath. The commenter enters his or her name, email address and the comment and clicks the “Submit” button. The comment is thus associated with the post. By clicking the same “Comments” link under the post, other classmates can read the entire “thread”–including the original post and associated comments–and then add their own comment. (By the way, this is only meant to be a forum for classmate input. If we do have another reunion the organization will of course be determined by the reunion committee, as usual.) It’s a public site so one of the webmaster’s duties is to screen incoming comments for pranksters, spammers and the occasional inappropriate remark (now who would want to do that…?).
  2. Classmate contact To facilitate intra-class contact, the Class Contact page contains current (but hidden) email addresses for those wishing to list. Just click a name (a link) next to the classmate photo to launch your email program with the recipient’s email address automatically filled in. It is completely voluntary. For those who wish to remain out of touch, you are perfectly free to do so. For those who do list, your actual email address is protected from software “harvesting” by spammers.
  3. Classmate news An online space to get up to date on classmate doings–news and pix–and vice versa. Your news updates and photos (digital preferred) are enthusiastically viewed by fellow classmates!
  4. Photo/clipping archive An online place to preserve those old photos, clippings and assorted memorabilia gathering dust in the attic.
  5. Fifthly… Seems like there ought to be a fifth reason, but I can’t think of it right now…

To summarize, it’s an online place to put stuff of interest to the class. Just send it to me for posting.


All “blogging” is accomplished on the home page. A “blog post” (or simply “post”) is a classmate update or interesting news item, photo, video, etc. The content of a post is less enduring and perhaps less generic to the class than content that appears on the static pages following the home page. As each month passes into the next, posts are automatically removed from the home page and collected into a monthly archive accessible from the righthand sidebar. They never go away entirely; they are simply gotten out of the way to make way for more current posts.


By definition the content of a page is more enduring than posts. The content of a page remains undisturbed unless edited or deleted by the webmaster. By design I have restricted commenting to home-page posts. Searching is also currently limited to home page posts. Website pages can now have “subpages”, a list of which appears on the right. A neat way to organize stuff, e.g., a subpage devoted to each reunion.


Submitted content can be any of the following:

  • Text Of course. Always.
  • Links Links to interest sites are always welcome.
  • Photos I can post a single photo, or, if you come across a really neat, human-interest set of photos, such as the series showing the surviving Katrina pets, I can convert them (time permitting) into a Flash movie file with captions.
  • Media On this new website I can now post the following types of electronic files (providing they don’t overflow our space limit): avi, mp3, mpg, wmv, etc. Example: see the see the “Budweiser Tribute” video or hear an audio selection from Heather’s Mozilla Trio CD!

Content Policy

We’d like to be as broad-minded and free-wheeling as possible. However (being products of the 50s), we should try to set a good example by observing certain standards so as not to (overly) offend anyone. That is, content should not be vulgar nor obscene nor profane nor (overly) insensitive to the feelings of fellow classmates about the hot topics of the day. Why would we want to turn anyone away…?

Site organization

Our new site has a completely new organization, as follows:

  • Home page If there’s anything new on the site, you’ll see it here–most current at top.
  • Reunions Photos of reunions taken by attendees, organized by reunion (50th, 35th, etc.).
  • Class Contacts An up-to-date email list. A feature of our new blog engine is the internal encryption of every email address to prevent email harvesting expeditions by spammers. No software can steal your email address; just click the link to launch your email software with the address already filled in.
  • Lifestyles Photos from recent years showing how we’re enjoying our lives.
  • In the News Published reports of classmates in the public arena (for whatever reason).
  • Memory Lane Articles written by classmates about growing up in Westport and surrounding towns, or any other recollections of interest.
  • Milestones A place to keep photos and souvenirs of the various schools we graduated from.
  • Photo Archive A place to keep photos from the Long Ago.
  • Clipping Archive Ditto re newspaper clippings and other souvenirs.
  • Newsletter Archive Links to current and previously published email newsletters. Click on these links and they’ll appear in your browsers (as text versions only).
  • Deceased A list of classmates we have lost along the way. An actual obit or written recollection of a deceased classmate will get its own subpage.
  • About this Blog An attempt to explain the purpose, content and organization of this blog.

Finding Content

There are four ways to search for – or browse through – posts on this new website:

  • Previous / Next There are links at the bottom of the home page taking you back or forward sequentially through previous posts (remember that posts are listed in reverse chronological order).
  • Category A feature of each (home page) post is its assigned “category” or “categories”, a list of which appears in the righthand sidebar. In this way you can quickly find posts matching your interest, regardless of posting date. Just click one of the category links and the blog displays a new page of posts matching the category. Posts initially appear in abbreviated form, as indicated by “[…]”; click on the post title (link) and it appears in full.
  • Archives If you know the month in which a post appeared, click the appropriate link on the sidebar and a list of all posts for that month will appear in abbreviated form. Again, click on the post title (link) to display the post in full. (Note that for the earlier months in the list of Archives on the sidebar, the date represents the migration month, not the original posting month.)
  • Search If none of the above techniques work, enter a word or phrase in the “Site Search” box on the home page and the blog will display a list of posts containing the phrase in the post title, in the text of the post, or in its assigned category.

Happy browsing. Feedback always welcome!

Best regards,

—Cliff Clifford
Hendersonville, NC