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Deanna, RIP!

[Yearbook] Deanna Basta

Got a call this past Thursday from Gail Armitage with the news that Deanna had passed away one week earlier, April 13. She had been in failing health recently with cardio/pulmonary issues. She’d been in a local hospice near her home in Summerfield, FL, not even a week. According to Gail the urgency of her condition came on rather suddenly—or so it seemed to non-family observers. And yet it was totally in keeping with Deanna’s spirit and past behavior to ignore it, at best, or be in complete denial, at worst. A brief obit appears here in the Villages News.

Rest in peace, Dee. You were a lifelong friend, a class leader, a good wife and citizen who loved your country with a passion. All that and a healthy, grown-up ego to boot. I am writing more on your Classmate Update page and inviting all of the many classmates who knew you and loved you to do likewise.

Hendersonville, NC

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  • Noel Castiglia April 24, 2017, 11:57 am

    Deanna was my first introduction to attending a
    dance event in Jr. High School with her as her
    escort. She was always so kind, caring and sweet.
    An effervescent young lady who would always
    listen and make a difference in the lives of her
    friends. To her family we wish the pain of her
    loss be soon replaced with pleasant memories.
    I always remembered her Dad was the only person
    I knew who raised pheasants as a hobby.

  • Judy Kouns Goldberg April 25, 2017, 12:59 pm

    I don’t have many memories to share, but I do remember Deanna as a very nice girl, always upbeat and full of life – lots of fun. And she knew everyone!

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