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New Blog Format

With 2017 just begun and the inauguration of our 45th president just days away, I thought a new look for our blog might be in order. The MSM (Main Stream Media) are in a panic, the Twitter-verse is all (you knew it was coming…) a-twitter, and Hollywood celebrities are in full-frontal meltdown. And so it seemed to me that we older and wiser Children of the Fifties might bring some perspective to the current news circus while handing out free Valium.

Over the past several months I have done a lot of thinking about this site, launched some 12 years ago. Here, from the gut, is what I keep coming back to:

If this blog has any excuse for continuing to exist, it needs to be broadened to include classmate reaction and reflection on the major events and cultural direction of the day.

That said, the mission is now threefold:

  1. Classmate news Always the priority.
  2. Memorabilia Classmate photos and clippings of our youth along with notes and remembrances. (They’re all waiting patiently in some attic shoebox when you find the energy to get up there.)
  3. Commentary Classmate reflection on the passing scene and cultural artifacts—books, movies, music, etc., as well as an occasional rant about some current public sphere psycho-event. Since seen and filtered through the eyes of our rapidly vanishing (or at least trans-ishing) mid-century American culture, it will represent a kind of digital scrapbook for our dotage upon which from time to time to marinate and muse during our “…hour upon the stage…” And weep…

As promised a year ago, I have completed the software upgrade of our blog. Technical and time-consuming. However the new version offers automatic version upgrades (TG!). In preparation I went through the entire site content and redid all graphic elements for a more consistent look. In passing I removed a few posts no longer valid and quite a few duplicate photos. With the new “theme” in place I must now redo the text formatting, which differs in every theme. (Naturally…!)

Anyway, I’m on it!

New features:

  • Site banner (header image) Will vary from time to time depending on the season or what’s dominating the news cycle
  • RSS feed This will allow classmates to sign up for blog updates. A notice will appear in your Inbox when there’s a staples55.com update.
  • “Responsive” design This means the blog’s design will conform to all devices: PCs, iPads, notebooks, mobile phones.
  • Updates Lord willing, posts will be more frequent.
  • Commentary As mentioned there’ll be a separate page for longer “position papers”. The betting is that I will post the first one… :-)
  • Books (fiction) Anybody read a good novel lately? I did. The Girl on the Train . Wonderful escapism. The cover art caught my eye: a woman on a commuter train focusing with intense interest on something happening in the passing neighborhood. (Metro-North anyone…?)
  • Movies (drama) Another Bourne sequel…? Yes, No. 4: Jason Bourne . As compelling as the first three, in my view. Having watched the original and first two sequels 86 times, I feel qualified to offer a rating. Yes, Matt Damon is Jason.

Thanks for your patience. Thoughts, anyone…?

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