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Who Knew… FBI Director, James Comey: Westporter

[06880danwoog.com] James Comey, FBI Director[Click any image to enlarge.]


Here we are already, 2016 elections:

  • Voter Fraud Day, Tuesday, November 8, come and gone
  • Post-Election Protest & Rioting Week in full swing one week out
  • Democrat Party hand-wringing, soul-searching while Bernie supporters plot how to take over DNC…

With the long-anticipated election of Hillary Clinton as the first female U.S. president thwarted in a stunning defeat by Donald J. Trump, real estate tycoon, Reality TV icon and Republican nominee, we now learn that the current FBI Chief, James Comey, who recently drew attention with his unusual (and questionable) role in the Clinton email scandal investigation…is or was—are you ready— a Westport resident…?!!! Full story at 06880DanWoog.com.

[06880danwoog.com] Comey's residence on Beachside Ave.Photo shows Comey’s residence on Beachside Avenue in Greens Farms. Although a Greens Farms kid, myself, I don’t recognize the house. (We didn’t have gated driveways on our street…) Comey’s career included a stint as general counsel to Bridgewater Associates, a noted hedge fund located in Westport. Its corporate campus is on Glendinning Place off Weston Road (Route 57) near the Lyons Plains intersection. Used to be a nature preserve and neat place to jog.

Anyway, who knew…? Will life ever return to normal…? Are there any smelling salts around here? I’m having the vapors…

P.S. Hat tip to Bruce Kent for this link to 06880 blog. Illegal vote count starting to come in. First reports: 3 million. No word yet on how many dead voted this time. Will keep you posted…

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