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Westport Sitcom Panned



Last week I received an 06880danwoog.com heads-up from Bruce Kent about a new ABC sitcom scheduled to launch yesterday, October 11, 2016. It takes place in our once-beloved, once-recognizable hometown of Westport.

Didn’t watch American Housewife, myself. According to reviews at 06880danwoog.com and another in The New York Times, we didn’t miss much: a stream of unfunny lines by actors not acting so much as mugging for the camera. Since I didn’t watch it, I won’t comment except to say this: Having read the NY Times piece and being the Certified Cultural Dinosaur that I am alleged to be, I came away completely clueless as to the point of the series. And so…

Another TV sitcom nothingburger I can mercifully ignore.


Hendersonville, NC

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