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Who Knew… FBI Director, James Comey: Westporter

[] James Comey, FBI Director[Click any image to enlarge.]


Here we are already, 2016 elections:

  • Voter Fraud Day, Tuesday, November 8, come and gone
  • Post-Election Protest & Rioting Week in full swing one week out
  • Democrat Party hand-wringing, soul-searching while Bernie supporters plot how to take over DNC…

With the long-anticipated election of Hillary Clinton as the first female U.S. president thwarted in a stunning defeat by Donald J. Trump, real estate tycoon, Reality TV icon and Republican nominee, we now learn that the current FBI Chief, James Comey, who recently drew attention with his unusual (and questionable) role in the Clinton email scandal investigation…is or was—are you ready— a Westport resident…?!!! Full story at

[] Comey's residence on Beachside Ave.Photo shows Comey’s residence on Beachside Avenue in Greens Farms. Although a Greens Farms kid, myself, I don’t recognize the house. (We didn’t have gated driveways on our street…) Comey’s career included a stint as general counsel to Bridgewater Associates, a noted hedge fund located in Westport. Its corporate campus is on Glendinning Place off Weston Road (Route 57) near the Lyons Plains intersection. Used to be a nature preserve and neat place to jog.

Anyway, who knew…? Will life ever return to normal…? Are there any smelling salts around here? I’m having the vapors…

P.S. Hat tip to Bruce Kent for this link to 06880 blog. Illegal vote count starting to come in. First reports: 3 million. No word yet on how many dead voted this time. Will keep you posted…

Westport Sitcom Panned


Last week I received an heads-up from Bruce Kent about a new ABC sitcom scheduled to launch yesterday, October 11, 2016. It takes place in our once-beloved, once-recognizable hometown of Westport.

Didn’t watch American Housewife, myself. According to reviews at and another in The New York Times, we didn’t miss much: a stream of unfunny lines by actors not acting so much as mugging for the camera. Since I didn’t watch it, I won’t comment except to say this: Having read the NY Times piece and being the Certified Cultural Dinosaur that I am alleged to be, I came away completely clueless as to the point of the series. And so…

Another TV sitcom nothingburger I can mercifully ignore.


Hendersonville, NC

Happy Father’s Day…!

Father's Day at the Clifford's

Father’s Day just past, I asked myself what should I be expecting on Father’s Day at this point in my life…? Seriously: A $100 gift certificate to take mom out to dinner…? A book, say, Killing Patton…? A loving phone call…? Ok, a loving Father’s Day card: “Dad, you are my hero. The greatest dad in the whole world…!” Etc.

Truth? All of the above reasonable scenarios, yes?

Not so fast. When that child so lovingly raised turns out to be a smart-ass… Maybe the expectations should be lowered somewhat. Whaddya’ think…? (Click image to enlarge.)

Father’s Day Karma, anyone…? :-)

Georgetown School Days…Who Knew…?

[Yearbook] Virginia Morehouse

Rummaging around in her self-described pack rat attic, Ginny came across some photos of 7th-grade classmates. Not from a Wilton school, but from the Gilbert & Bennett School in Georgetown where kids went in 7th grade after graduation from the Wilton Center (elementary) School. Who knew…!? Full story here.

[Ed. Great stuff, Ginny…! Any more pix, please forward.]

Why Men Shouldn’t Write Advice Columns

This advice column recently appeared in a Charlotte, NC, newspaper:

Dear John,
I hope you can help me. The other day I set off for work leaving my husband in the house watching TV. My car stalled and then it broke down about a mile down the road. I had to walk back to get help from my husband. When I got home I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was in our bedroom with the neighbor’s daughter…!!!

I am 32 and my husband is 34. We have been married ten years. The neighbor’s daughter is 19. When I confronted him he broke down and admitted they’d been having an affair for the past six months. He won’t go to counseling and I’m a wreck. I need advice urgently. Can you please help…!?


Dear Sheila,
A car stalling after being driven a short distance can be caused by a variety of engine faults. Start by checking there is no debris in the fuel line. If clear, check the vacuum pipes and hoses on the intake manifold. Also check all grounding wires. If none of this solves the problem, it could be that the fuel pump, itself, is faulty, causing low delivery pressure to the injectors. I hope this helps.

All the best,

[Ed. I’m tempted to ask why this strikes people as funny… :-)]

National Security Under Test in NC

Canine Gender Confusion

Rome may indeed be burning: Mid-East in flames. Iran nuking up. Russia and China flexing muscles. Muslims taking over Europe. 93 million Americans out of work. 47 million on food stamps. $19 trillion in debt. Bridges, tunnels, highways in disrepair. Three-hour wait to board out of O’Hare. But don’t you worry, our federal government is ON THE JOB here in North Carolina! The U.S. potty police are protecting us from the real national threat: alleged abuse of bathroom gender customs…!

Federal education funding blackmail already in play. Nationwide parental backlash likely. And likely to be enormous.

Hendersonville, NC

DO rest in peace, “dear girl”…!

[06880] Remembering V. Louise Higgins

“A life well done, Miss Higgins. Now DO rest in peace…!” There are some who, by virtue of their talent and brains and desire, are just born to teach. Sadly, there are others… Well, not so much. Miss Higgins, as we knew her, passed away Monday, March 28, at the grand old age of 92. Truly one of the best teachers I have ever had. Maybe the best. Nice writeup on Dan Woog’s 06880 blog here. Wrote my one recollection of this remarkable high school teacher here. obit here.

[Forwarded by Bruce Kent. Thanks, Bruce…]

Fund Drive Update

Dollar Sign

Results of drive to date… Not sure how long a class blog “fund drive” should last, but it’s now been two months and results have been heartwarming, to say the least. We are now only about $250 away from my “breakeven” goal of Contributions as against Expenses. We can easily make that up next year, although I will track and report any contributions I receive moving forward (hate that phrase…).

89% of goal

Once again, heartfelt thanks to the 13 classmates who’ve contributed to date! Methinks I am going to consolidate fund drive updates on a new “Founders” page.


Comedy and Tragedy

By now none of us should be surprised over hearing about some risk associated with a new technology. Example:

About the time that texting became a popular method of smart phone communication, an article appeared in a southern newspaper reporting the following incident between two local farmers:

[Text to a neighbor] “Joe, I’m sorry. I’ve been riddled with guilt and I have to confess: I’ve been helping myself to your wife when you’re not around, probably more than you. I know it’s no excuse, but I don’t get it at home. I can’t live with the guilt any longer! I hope you’ll accept my sincerest apology. It won’t happen again.”

Feeling outraged and betrayed, Joe grabs his gun, goes into the bedroom and—without a word—shoots his wife.

Moments later Joe gets a followup text from his neighbor: “Really should start using Spell Check! That should have said ‘wifi’…

[Ed. Hat tip to Bruce Kent for this little gem.]

Recollections: Rites of Passage (Like No Other…)

[Yearbook] David Ruckert

Of all the yearbook portraits, this is my favorite. Reason: Dave’s polite but forced expression portends an imminent collision of the photographer’s smiley face and Dave’s (hidden) clenched fist…

In this rarely confessed (yet embarrassingly familiar) recounting of a few of his high school misadventures, Dave will have you in stitches! Read on… :-)